EU Foreign Minister Contact Information (as of Dec 2007)  Feel free to email us any updates or corrections to:

Please write to EU foreign ministers, urging them to protect the human rights of the monks of Esphigmenou monastery who are all EU citizens.  We have attached the contact information of the ministers of the EU member states, together with a suggested text of the letter.  Please keep your letters polite, friendly, and persuasive. Thank you.  (There is a sample letter at the bottom of this page).



 Dr. Michael Spindelegger

Foreign Minister

Minoritenplatz 8 

A-1014 Wien 

Tel: +43 50 11 50-0 

Fax: +43 50 11 59-0

Send an e-mail through their website:



Minister of Foreign Affairs- Steven Vanackere

Karmelietenstraat 15 

B-1000 Brussels

Tel: +32 (0)2.501.85.91

Fax: +32 (0)2.511.63.85





Foreign Minister- Mr. Markos Kyprianou

Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

Presidential Palace Avenue 

1447, Nicosia Cyprus

Tel: +357 22 401200

Fax: +357 22 661881



Czech Republic

Minister of Foreign Affairs Karel Schwarzenberg

Ministerstvo zahranicních vecí 

Loretánské námestí 5 

118 00 Praha 1, The Czech Republic 

tel: +420-224 181 111 




Foreign Minister: Lene Espersen

Royal Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

Asiatisk Plads 2

DK-1448 Copenhagen K. 


Tel. +45 33 92 00 00 

Fax +45 32 54 05 33




Foreign Minister: Urmas Paet

Tel: +372 6 377 092 

Fax: +372 6 377 099 

VälisministeeriumIslandi väljak 1,

15049 Tallinn, Estonia




Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Alexander Stubb

Ministry of Foreign Affiars 

PO Box 176

00161 Helsinki, Finland

Phone: +358-9-160 05 or 578 15

Fax: 358-9-1605 5002




Minister of Foreign and European Affairs- Mrs Michčle Alliot-Marie

37, quai d’Orsay 

75351 Paris Cedex 07 

Tel: 01 43 17 53 53

Send an e-mail through their website



Minister of Foreign Affairs Frank-Guido Westerwelle

The Federal Foreign Office

11013 Berlin 

Tel: +49-30-5000-0

Fax: +49-30-5000-3402



Minister of Foreign Affairs--Janos Martonyi

Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Hungary
1027 Budapest, Bem rakpart 47

Other contact email:

+36-441-2112 or 0036- 1458-1000

e-mail at:



PM - Brian Cowen is also temporarily Foreign Affairs Minister 


80 St. Stephen's Green,  

Dublin 2

Tel: + 353 1 408 2000

Fax: + 353 1 408 2400



Foreign Minister-- Franco Frattini

Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

Piazzale della Farnesina, 1 

00194 Roma

Tel: +39 06.36911

Fax: +39 06.3236210

Email: gabinetto@cert.esteri.i  



Minister of Foreign Affairs--Girts Valdis Kristovskis

K.Valdemara street 3

Riga LV -1395, Latvia 

Phone: (+371) 7-016-210

Fax: (+371) 7 828 121


Post an e-mail through their website or directly




Minister of Foreign Affairs-- Audronius Ažubalis

Foreign Minister’s e-mail:

J. Tumo-Vaižganto str. 2, LT-01511 

Vilnius, Lithuania 

tel. +370 5 2362444, 

fax +370 5 2313090,






Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Immigration--Jean Asselborn

5, rue Notre-Dame 

L-2240 Luxembourg 

Tél: +352 2478 23 00 or Tél: +352- 2478-2478

Fax: +352 22 31 44




Minister of Foreign Affairs--Michael Frendo

Ministry for Foreign Affairs 

Palazzo Parisio 

Merchant Street 


Malta VLT 1171 

Tel: +356-2124 2191 

Fax: +356-2124 2853 or +356-2123 6604




The Netherlands

Foreign Minister--Uriël (Uri) Rosenthal

PO Box 20061, 

2500 EB The Hague, 

The Netherlands 

Tel: +31 70 3486486 

Fax: + 31 70 3484848 


Post a message via their website:



Minister of Foreign Affairs--

Minister Radoslaw Sikorski

tel. +48-22-523-9356 

fax +48-22-523-9099





Minister of State and for Foreign Affairs: Luís Filipe Marques Amado 

Address: Palácio das Necessidades, 

Largo do Rilvas

1399-030  Lisboa 

Tel: +351-213 946 000 

Fax: +351-213 946 070 




Also contact the Prime Minister:

Prime Minister: José Sócrates Carvalho Pinto de Sousa
Address: Rua da Imprensa Estrela, 4 - 1200-888 Lisboa
Phone: +351-213 923 500
Fax: +351-213 951 616



Slovak Republic

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Mikuláš DZURINDA 

Hlboká cesta 2, 833 36 

Bratislava 37

Phone: local cals from Bratislava 5978 3001

Phone: +421-2 5978 3001

Fax: +421-2 5978 3009





Foreign Affairs--Samuel Žbogar

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia

Prešernova cesta 25

SI-1001 Ljubljana

P.P. 481


Phone: +386 1 478 22 31

Fax: +386 1 478 21 70





Minister of Foreign Affairs--Trinidad Jimenez Garcia-Herrera

Edificio Torres Ágora. C/ Serrano Galvache, 26- 28033 Madrid 

32 2 285 87 52

Telephone (switchboard): 91 379 97 00 / 91 379 83 00

Spain maintains an embassy in the United States at:

2375 Pennsylvania Avenue NW 

Washington , DC 20037  

(tel. 202-728-2340)




Minister of Foreign Affairs-- Carl Bildt

Phone: +46 8405-1000

Fax: 46 8 723 11 76


Email: email to Carl Bildt, via the senior registry clerk  



United Kingdom

Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs--

The Rt. Hon. William Hague MP 

Foreign & Commonwealth Office,
King Charles Street,

44 208 760 3127 or switchboard 44-020 7008 1500

Post a message to him on his website:


Here is one example of a letter.  Please feel free to add, subtract, or write your own entirely.


Dear Foreign Minister _______,

I would like to bring to your attention the extremely serious violations of human rights of EU citizens taking place today which requires your immediate attention. A desperate situation has arisen on Mount Athos, Greece and assistance or intervention on your behalf is of paramount importance. The lives of over 100 peaceful monks in the monastery of Esphigmenou are at stake, because they are under siege by the Greek government.

The Greek police and port authority are imposing a land and sea blockade on the defenseless monks of Esphigmenou Monastery. Not even food, water, medicine or heating oil are being allowed in. Telephone lines to the monastery have been cut to prevent the outside world from learning what is occurring, and electricity has been cut as well.

So far 5 monks have died during the blockade, and the Greek Police have denied entry to doctors seeking to provide urgently needed medical care to sick monks.

You may ask how can this occur today, in an EU member state, to fellow EU citizens? Here is the situation in brief.

The Greek government is attempting to force the monks, to leave their monastery home of 1500 years. The government is enforcing this inhumane blockade even though it knows there are many elderly monks in the monastery who need medicine and who have great difficulty enduring the cold winter nights of Northern Greece without heating oil.

Why is this happening? The monks "crime" is they have a theological disagreement with Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople (Istanbul). The Greek government, as you may know, has no separation of church and state, and when the Patriarch wants to discipline anyone in the Orthodox Church, he just declares them "schismatic" and calls in the government to use the Greek police to enforce his beliefs by force. The use of force by government to enforce religious beliefs is unacceptable behavior from a European Union member.

Due to the fact that Mount Athos is a semi-autonomous religious enclave, the power of the state is vested in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, headed by Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyiannis. She authorizes the use of Greek Police to blockade food, water, medicine and heating oil to the monks.

I urge you to please raise this issue at the highest levels of the Greek Government, and ask Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyianni to lift the inhumane embargo against Esphigmenou Monastery, and allow the Red Cross or some other neutral international organization to visit the monastery and assess the condition of the monks, and provide medical care. This is not the kind of behavior the European Union should tolerate or accept from a fellow member state.

Greece is a signatory to the European Convention of Human Rights, and its actions violate numerous provisions of this convention. Greece's violations have also been cited by the US State Department's Report on International Religious Freedom.

The peaceful monks of Esphigmenou Monastery have been there for 1500 years, and all they want is to be left alone, to pray in peace. They don't want anything from the government, just their rights as Greek and EU citizens to pray in peace in their monastic home, Esphigmenou monastery, and to have access to food, medicine, water and heating oil. Having forsaken all their worldly possessions, the monastery is the only home these monks have.

The plight of these monks has received media coverage by the BBC as well as US and European news outlets. (Please see for more information and media coverage)

Please help these peaceful monks, and please help ensure that religious freedom continues to thrive in Greece and the EU, without infringement by the state. Thank you very much for your assistance