Below are several errors that we seek to correct immediately in the on-line article (and future printed versions).

1) Your use of the word "violent" to describe the monks opposition is inaccurate. At no time have the monks been violent, even when they were forced to defend themselves when physically attacked.

2) The nature of the monks opposition is also misunderstood.  The monks do not oppose attempts to mend a rift between the Orthodox and Catholic churches. The monks in fact pray daily for the unification of the church. Rather, they oppose Patriarch Bartholomew's actions and teachings which they believe violate church law.

The monks have repeatedly requested dialogue with Patriarch Bartholomew to clarify his positions, but these requests for dialogue have been ignored.

3) The article grossly mischaracterizes the attempts of pilgrims to attend church services on the feast day of the monastery as attempts by "demonstrators" and "protesters" trying to "break into the monastery." This conveys a serious misperception to the reader.  The pilgrims are welcomed by the monastery to celebrate the feast day.

Your story and headline should be more clear -- it is the police who instigated the use force to stop peaceful pilgrims who seek to attend church service at the monastery.

4) We understand that the Prime Minister issued direct orders that these peaceful pilgrims should be allowed access to Esphigmenou Monastery for its feast day. Seemingly in direct conflict of these orders, the police and coast guard blocked access to pilgrims by refusing to allow them to enter.  Your own story included an AP photo of a police officer manhandling a defenseless monk.